A few words about company

Bluetti is a brand specializing in portable power stations and solar generators. These products are designed to provide reliable power solutions for a variety of applications, such as outdoor activities, emergency backup power, and off-grid living. 

Compact and portable units that can store and provide electricity. They are typically equipped with lithium-ion batteries and various output ports, including AC, DC, USB, and even carport outputs, allowing users to charge and run a wide range of devices, from smartphones and laptops to small appliances.

These are similar to portable power stations but are optimized to work with solar panels. They can be charged using solar energy, making them ideal for sustainable and off-grid power needs. Bluetti offers solar panels that can be paired with their generators to harness solar power.

Bluetti also provides various accessories, such as additional battery packs, solar panels, and adapters, to enhance the functionality and versatility of their power solutions.

Bluetti products are known for their high capacity, durability, and advanced features like fast charging, multiple charging methods, and smart management systems. They are popular among campers, van-lifers, and anyone needing a reliable portable power source.

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